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  1. 60 Years of Commercial Pressure Washing Services

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    Would you quit your job and start a new business in an industry that had little credibility and a lot of uncertainty? Edgar and Noreen Doherty did just that 60 years ago. Their vision was to build a business that they could be proud of.  With 6 kids at home, all under the age of 10, Edgar decided to take a chance and start a mobile truck washing business. After equipping the family station wagon with a portable pressure washer the business started. Today Pressure Kleen is recognized as the leader in the commercial pressure washing industry.  It has achieved recognition as an industry leader for its innovative cleaning processes and award winning environmental commitment.

    All six kids participated in the business with the youngest children, Bill and Chuck, eventually taking over the business.  They worked hard to make Pressure-Kleen Services the best mobile pressure washing company in the Greater Toronto Area. Bill became the president of the Canadian division of International Kitchen Exhaust Cleaning Association.  He enjoys sharing his knowledge by speaking at events for building engineers, fire inspectors (AHJ) and the insurance industry. He holds multiple certifications in the industry through IKECA including Certified Exhaust System Inspector (CESI) and Certified Exhaust Cleaning Specialist (CECS). 


    The specialization of commercial kitchen exhaust system cleaning has taken the company beyond its Ontario provincial borders and across Canada.  It services restaurants and hospitals, retirement homes and schools, sports arenas and cafeterias.  The business also expanded into other commercial cleaning offerings.  These include high-rise garbage disposal systems, underground sweeping and power washing, industrial building cleaning and more. Just like their parents, Bill and Chuck believe the best way to build the most reputable brand is by hiring the best people. Many of our current employees have over 15 years industry experience and a few have over 25 years. Edgar’s vision of a successful business has been fulfilled.  


    We are proud of what Pressure-Kleen Services has accomplished over the past 60 years and we still value customer satisfaction.  Thank you to all our loyal customers who have allowed us to show them why we are # 1.  We will be around for another 60 years to keep the dream alive. 

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