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  1. Residential High-rise Building Cleaning

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    As a property manager of a residential high-rise building it is up to you to seek out quotations for your property maintenance needs. One of the services you may require is garbage disposal system cleaning.   By having your building’s disposal system cleaning on a regular basis (annual, semi-annual or tri-annual) you will reduce your maintenance, repair and replacement expenses for the disposal system. You will also reduce and prevent the build-up of garbage in the chute which will help to prevent odours and infestation of roaches.

    Underground garage cleaning is another area that requires regular maintenance to protect the garage floor from excessive salt and dirt build up. Power sweeping and pressure washing of the underground garage floor, walls and ceiling pipes is important. By cleaning the underground parking on a regular basis (annual or semi-annually) you can protect the floor membrane from erosion and peeling caused by winter salt and automotive fluid leaks. Oil stain removal keeps your floors aesthetically pleasing for your residents and catch basin cleaning keeps drains from backing up and requiring emergency plumbing services.

    Entrance Before

    Graffiti tagging tarnishes building aesthetics

    Is your property frequently vandalized by graffiti? Pressure-Kleen specialize in graffiti removal, as well as entranceway cleaning and interior and exterior building and in-plant cleaning.

    By using our pressure washing services we can help reduce your maintenance costs, and extend the lifetime of your products which in the bottom line lower your expenses.

    Looking to control your costs? We offer contracts for all of the above services. By going with a contract we look after the scheduling of the cleaning services for you and you have a fixed cleaning cost for the length of the contract and can take advantage of additional services. It is a WIN-WIN situation for you.

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