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  1. Fire Closes Down Leamington Wendy’s Restaurant

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    Fire has caused an estimated $200,000 to the Leamington Wendy’s Restaurant in Southern Ontario. Fire crews were called to the fast food restaurant on Oak Street just after 9am on November 18, 2015.  A team of 18 firefighters were able to bring the fire under control quickly. Officials say it started with the cooking equipment in the kitchen.

    Have you had your kitchen equipment and exhaust system inspected recently?  Regular inspections and cleaning can greatly reduce the possibility of grease fires. Be sure your inspector is a certified Kitchen Exhaust Cleaning inspector like those at Pressure-Kleen Services Company.  Also ensure that your kitchen exhaust cleaning company provides detailed reports of their inspections.  Pre-cleaning and post-cleaning photos should be available for your review.

    It is imperative that any identified deficiencies are corrected before they affect the safety of your employees. Luckily, there were no reported injuries associated with the Wendy’s fire in Leamington.

    Cleaning must go beyond what you can see. It must delve into the depths of the ductwork.  An inspection between the exhaust fan on the building exterior and the hoods in the kitchen allows us to advise on the required frequency for a cleaning program.

    Vertical Duct Before

    There needs to be sufficient access to the ductwork.  Fire rated access doors should be installed at each turn in the system.  This will allow your inspector to conduct a proper inspection and determine the extent of cleaning required.  The goal of cleaning is to restore the ductwork to bare metal by removing all grease build-up.   Access door installation may be required to allow cleaning to bare metal.

    Vertical Duct After

    We are authorized dealers for FlameGard access doors and hood filters. Call us for more information on our products or services.

    DISCLAIMER: Pressure-Kleen Services Company Inc. has never serviced this Wendy’s location

  2. Preventing Commercial Kitchen Grease Fires

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    Every year, a memorial service for fallen firefighters is held in Toronto. The most recent service was June 7th, 2015 held at the Harbour Front fire station 334. Tragically, 245 fire fighters have lost their lives since 1948 while trying to protect us, our property and the environment.  (Source Citynews.ca)

    If an exhaust cleaning company is not cleaning to NFPA 96 Standard, it is acting with negligence.  It increases the possibility of a restaurant fire, causing firemen to have to answer the call and put their lives on the line for us. There is a way to dramatically reduce the risk of kitchen exhaust and hood fires. Simply make the commitment to have the entire system inspected and cleaned to bare metal at a proper frequency each and every time. Kitchen Exhaust System Inspection Schedule

    When you choose your professional kitchen exhaust cleaning company they should provide you with Absolute Proof® that it has been cleaned to bare metal. It’s our responsibility to provide this Absolute Proof® to provide reassurance that we are helping you to prevent kitchen grease fires.  It comes in the form of service reports detailing the condition of the system before and after the cleaning, backed up by photos of the interior of all the ducts and the fan, not just the hood.  We honour those firefighters by doing our best to eliminate the risk of grease fires…It’s our responsibility.




  3. I Love Food Truck Fries, Not Food Truck Fires


    I remember as a young kid my dad stopping at the side of the road after hockey practise and getting us kids french fries from “the chip truck”. These hand cut chips were the best fries I ever had. Today, “Chip Trucks” or “Mobile Catering Trucks” are the new rave. Today the food truck is no longer selling just french fries, but rather gourmet meals catering to all cultural favourites from Greek kebobs to Jamaican jerk chicken to Polish pierogi and homemade Argentinian choripans.

    One wouldn’t think that a food truck out in the middle of a parking lot or at the side of the road could be dangerous, but tragically an incident changed all that. The Guelph Mercury reported that on July 6, 2015 at around 3 p.m., the Guelph Fire Department responded to a fire at Dad’s Mobile Food Service. A grease fire has caused an estimated $20,000 in damage to a south-end food truck eatery. The Guelph Fire Department’s Gary McDonald said the fire was caused by “the ignition of combustible grease products,” likely by some sort of smoker appliance.

    Guelph food truck grease fire causes $20,000 damages

    Guelph Mercury reports food truck grease fire causes $20,000 damages

    To date, NFPA 96 does not have any specific codes or standards for “Food trucks”, but that is changing. Committees and focus groups are compiling recommendations and they will be reviewed and considered for upcoming editions.

    Our professional cleaning services can prevent food truck grease fires. Ensure you get regular inspections and cleaning of your cooking equipment and exhaust hoods, if installed.  We sell hood filters if you need to replace your broken baffle filters.  We also sell disposable Safety Shield filters that can be installed over your baffle filters to prevent grease from entering your exhaust system.  Remember, your safety standards affect your customers’ safety. Call or visit us today to inquire about all our food truck cleaning services.

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