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  1. 60 Years of Commercial Pressure Washing Services

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    Would you quit your job and start a new business in an industry that had little credibility and a lot of uncertainty? Edgar and Noreen Doherty did just that 60 years ago. Their vision was to build a business that they could be proud of.  With 6 kids at home, all under the age of 10, Edgar decided to take a chance and start a mobile truck washing business. After equipping the family station wagon with a portable pressure washer the business started. Today Pressure Kleen is recognized as the leader in the commercial pressure washing industry.  It has achieved recognition as an industry leader for its innovative cleaning processes and award winning environmental commitment.

    All six kids participated in the business with the youngest children, Bill and Chuck, eventually taking over the business.  They worked hard to make Pressure-Kleen Services the best mobile pressure washing company in the Greater Toronto Area. Bill became the president of the Canadian division of International Kitchen Exhaust Cleaning Association.  He enjoys sharing his knowledge by speaking at events for building engineers, fire inspectors (AHJ) and the insurance industry. He holds multiple certifications in the industry through IKECA including Certified Exhaust System Inspector (CESI) and Certified Exhaust Cleaning Specialist (CECS). 


    The specialization of commercial kitchen exhaust system cleaning has taken the company beyond its Ontario provincial borders and across Canada.  It services restaurants and hospitals, retirement homes and schools, sports arenas and cafeterias.  The business also expanded into other commercial cleaning offerings.  These include high-rise garbage disposal systems, underground sweeping and power washing, industrial building cleaning and more. Just like their parents, Bill and Chuck believe the best way to build the most reputable brand is by hiring the best people. Many of our current employees have over 15 years industry experience and a few have over 25 years. Edgar’s vision of a successful business has been fulfilled.  


    We are proud of what Pressure-Kleen Services has accomplished over the past 60 years and we still value customer satisfaction.  Thank you to all our loyal customers who have allowed us to show them why we are # 1.  We will be around for another 60 years to keep the dream alive. 

  2. IKECA Technical Seminar 2018

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    As part of our professional development, our certified exhaust cleaning specialists attended IKECA’s 2018 Fall Technical Seminar and Expo.  It took place October 2nd through 5th in Indianapolis, Indiana. This is the place to be if you want to gain valuable knowledge of industry changes, share business best practices and learn about new and innovative products.  We encourage anyone in the industry to attend at least one IKECA event annually.

    There were some great speakers at this year’s technical seminar who shared their experiences with fire suppression systems, kitchen exhaust system inspections, and equipment troubleshooting.  Other presenters covered NFPA 96 and ANSI code updates, WSIB and accident prevention.  It’s always interesting to take part in these sessions and learn how others companies overcome the same challenges that we face here in Toronto.  The fall protection demo reminded us of the importance we must all take when working at heights to service kitchen exhaust system fans and duct work.

    Products being promoted in the main expo hall included hood filters, grease containment systems, access doors, WOW cleaners and polishes, and other accessories.  These are some of the products that Pressure-Kleen offers to its Canadian customers to maintain their kitchen exhaust systems.  There was also some innovative pressure washing equipment that will bring cutting edge advancements to our industry.  We are always looking for safer, more effective methods of removing grease from kitchen exhaust systems.

    Attendees were invited to “A Night at the Museum” at the Koorsen Fire Museum.   A bus took them to the site where reception celebrating those who serve in the life safety and fire protection industry. It was enjoyable sharing fellowship and refreshments while looking back at the history of the fire protection industry.

    Courtesy of IKECA


    Although our attendees enjoyed this event, we look equally forward to IKECA’s 30th anniversary celebration in Las Vegas next April.

  3. Attention Restaurant Owners Part 2: How to Judge if Your Exhaust System is Properly Cleaned.

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    Making sure that a kitchen exhaust system is cleaned regularly is the first step to preventing an unexpected grease fire. Many restaurant owners wonder how often they should be assessing their exhaust systems. The National Fire Prevention Association (NFPA) has the following set of guidelines:



    If your exhaust system is not properly maintained, then you are exposing your business to a potential fire hazard. In fact, most kitchen grease fires spread rapidly because the flames will flare up from a kitchen appliance into a grimy, neglected exhaust system full of built-up grease.

    Invest in the safety you kitchen equipment today by scheduling regular cleaning with an IKECA Certified Professional.

    in Fire Prevention by

    Kitchen Horizontal Duct After

    Kitchen Horizontal Duct After Cleaning

  4. Spring Hiring & Training

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    The winter is nearing its end and the weather is improving.  As the snow birds migrate back to Canada, we are getting into our spring training programs.

    IKECA Logo (1)We have hired 5 full-time technicians who are successfully going through our training path towards a rewarding career. They are some of our most talented recruits yet. Many are working towards their Professional Exhaust System Technician (PECT) qualification. This qualification comes from one of the most respected organizations in our industry, the International Kitchen Exhaust Cleaning Association (IKECA). Pressure-Kleen has been a member of IKECA for over 25 years. Once our new recruits have acquired their PECT qualification the new recruits will be promoted. We are very proud of their achievements thus far.

    But their training does not stop there. Pressure-Kleen Online Workplace PKS logo PK OWLLearning (PKOWL) environment provides online training 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for all staff. Internally developed operational training courses cover topics like photo protocol, service report completion, how to conduct a site inspection and equipment maintenance. External regulated courses such as Workplace Harassment Training and WHMIS are also available.

    Our monthly round table discussions allow our technicians to raise questions and give feedback on new ideas.  These ideas will continue to propel our company into the future. We discuss safety issues, site inspections, installation of access doors, equipment maintenance and operation, and tips and tricks of the trade. For our new hires, it is extremely important information that can only be relayed from experienced field service technicians. Many of our most valued technicians have been with Pressure-Kleen Services for more than 5 years. A few have been with us over 20 years. They have seen it all and are happy to enlighten our trainees about their experiences. Oh the dirty stories they have to tell!

    We continue to look for recruits with Class G drivers license and ambition to expand our Pressure-Kleen work force.  Call today to arrange an interview!

  5. Preventing Commercial Kitchen Grease Fires

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    Every year, a memorial service for fallen firefighters is held in Toronto. The most recent service was June 7th, 2015 held at the Harbour Front fire station 334. Tragically, 245 fire fighters have lost their lives since 1948 while trying to protect us, our property and the environment.  (Source Citynews.ca)

    If an exhaust cleaning company is not cleaning to NFPA 96 Standard, it is acting with negligence.  It increases the possibility of a restaurant fire, causing firemen to have to answer the call and put their lives on the line for us. There is a way to dramatically reduce the risk of kitchen exhaust and hood fires. Simply make the commitment to have the entire system inspected and cleaned to bare metal at a proper frequency each and every time. Kitchen Exhaust System Inspection Schedule

    When you choose your professional kitchen exhaust cleaning company they should provide you with Absolute Proof® that it has been cleaned to bare metal. It’s our responsibility to provide this Absolute Proof® to provide reassurance that we are helping you to prevent kitchen grease fires.  It comes in the form of service reports detailing the condition of the system before and after the cleaning, backed up by photos of the interior of all the ducts and the fan, not just the hood.  We honour those firefighters by doing our best to eliminate the risk of grease fires…It’s our responsibility.




  6. Professional Kitchen Exhaust Cleaning Designation and Certifications


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    Designations and certifications. How do kitchen exhaust cleaning technicians get it? Who monitors it? Is it worth it?

    Unfortunately the word “certification” is being misrepresented in the commercial kitchen exhaust cleaning industry. One would think, if a company was claiming to be “Certified” then it would have employees knowledgeable and trained in what they are doing. This is not always the case.

    Designations usually use letters after one’s name to denote the achievement of pre-determined standards, skills or competencies. In our company, technicians attain a designation of Professional Exhaust Cleaning Technician (PECT) through IKECA. Our crew leaders are proud to have attained this designation. A few have gone on to add certifications to this designation and become specialists in their field.

    Certifications are attained by completing a professional development course or program in a specialized field. Certifications have expiration dates and require recertification.  Think of First Aid, Fall Arrest or Lift Truck certifications that many of us hold.  Some companies hold LEED or ISO certifications and must maintain these certifications annually.

    Do your research. Always ask the company claiming to be certified, if their technicians have a professional designation. What specialization have they achieved with the certification?  What organization provided the certification? Then contact that organization to ensure they are a certifying body and that that company is actually a member with certified technicians. Also ask what organization members have to do to maintain their certification. In some cases they just pay a fee and get hood stickers. Legitimate certifications must have an obligation on the members to maintain their certification by acquiring continuing education credits (CEC’s). The CEC’s will validate the technician is staying current with cleaning techniques and NFPA 96 Standards.

    Pressure Kleen was the first Canadian company, over 30 years ago, to join the membership of the International Kitchen Exhaust Cleaning Association (IKECA); the first company to have a Certified Exhaust Cleaning Specialist (CECS) and a Certified Exhaust System Inspector (CESI) on staff. That means 30 years of continuing education credits to ensure we are serving our customers with the highest professionalism and cleaning restaurant kitchens to the highest standard.

    Yes, it has been worth it.

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