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  1. The Painful Pandemic


    The Painful Pandemic

    Covid-19 has really disrupted our lives.  Lives of loved ones lost, social distancing measures and lockdowns have impacted nearly every family. Travel restrictions, cancelled events (think weddings, festivals and concerts) and business closures have left us with nothing to do. The impact on mental health has been immeasurable.

    Many businesses have permanently closed, others barely surviving. Essential services that keep us healthy, fed, and transporting people and goods throughout the country, have been putting in countless overtime hours while exposing themselves to a silent killer in our midst.  Pressure-Kleen had to reduce their service offerings when the hospitality industry was forced to shut their doors. Though we were able to hang on through diversified offerings and government assistance, our hearts go out to those entrepreneurs who could not afford to hang on.  Their life’s dream gone.

    A Hi-rise Thank-you!

    We would like to thank those in hi-rise residential property management for keeping us in business with garbage system disposal cleaning.  The office turned work-from-home workers and others in isolation have contributed to a great increase in residential garbage over the past year-and-a-half.  Our essential services keep garbage chutes and bins from building up with grime. The common area garbage room will smell better cleaned with our deodorizing degreasers while keeping away bacteria and scavengers like rats and roaches. A detailed cleaning of trap doors will maintain the hinges longer allowing them to open smoothly.

    Could the underground parking structure use a little TLC?  Are the lines getting hard to see after a winter of dirt and salt?  Are the walls showing carbon buildup from car exhaust?  Let Pressure-Kleen power wash that dirt away and reveal brighter garage floors and walls.  With nearly 60 years in business, we have the experience to remove most oil stains, salt residue and carbon buildup.  Request a quote today.

    Return to Normal – The Post Pandemic Rush

    As the lockdowns lift and we move into stage 3 of reopening we will see hospitality businesses begin to welcome customers back inside their establishments.  We can help you get up and running again with a kitchen exhaust cleaning that meets the NFPA96 requirements.  Insurance companies and fire inspectors require proof of an annual inspection and regular cleaning as required.  No one wants a fire after being shut down for more than a year.  Let us provide a quote for a maintenance program to keep you in compliance.  We can also clean your appliances, walls, and start you on a hood filter exchange program.  We expect a rush of restaurants to book their services over the next few months.  Call today and we can book your cleaning too.



  2. IKECA Technical Seminar 2018

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    As part of our professional development, our certified exhaust cleaning specialists attended IKECA’s 2018 Fall Technical Seminar and Expo.  It took place October 2nd through 5th in Indianapolis, Indiana. This is the place to be if you want to gain valuable knowledge of industry changes, share business best practices and learn about new and innovative products.  We encourage anyone in the industry to attend at least one IKECA event annually.

    There were some great speakers at this year’s technical seminar who shared their experiences with fire suppression systems, kitchen exhaust system inspections, and equipment troubleshooting.  Other presenters covered NFPA 96 and ANSI code updates, WSIB and accident prevention.  It’s always interesting to take part in these sessions and learn how others companies overcome the same challenges that we face here in Toronto.  The fall protection demo reminded us of the importance we must all take when working at heights to service kitchen exhaust system fans and duct work.

    Products being promoted in the main expo hall included hood filters, grease containment systems, access doors, WOW cleaners and polishes, and other accessories.  These are some of the products that Pressure-Kleen offers to its Canadian customers to maintain their kitchen exhaust systems.  There was also some innovative pressure washing equipment that will bring cutting edge advancements to our industry.  We are always looking for safer, more effective methods of removing grease from kitchen exhaust systems.

    Attendees were invited to “A Night at the Museum” at the Koorsen Fire Museum.   A bus took them to the site where reception celebrating those who serve in the life safety and fire protection industry. It was enjoyable sharing fellowship and refreshments while looking back at the history of the fire protection industry.

    Courtesy of IKECA


    Although our attendees enjoyed this event, we look equally forward to IKECA’s 30th anniversary celebration in Las Vegas next April.

  3. Invictus Games in Toronto

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    We are so proud to own and operate our business in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. During our 55 years, we have seen Toronto grow into a vibrant, first class international city.  Beaches, parks, amazing entertainment venues, tourist attractions, renowned universities and hospitals, great shopping and some of the best restaurants in the world; we have it all.  We are blessed with a very diverse population that practices inclusion of all peoples regardless of culture, religion, life choices or capabilities.  We are so fortunate to live in such a beautiful part of the world.

    This week, we are also proud that the Invictus Games are being held in the Toronto.  The Invictus Games, being held between Sept 23rd and 30th, were started three years ago, by Prince Harry of Wales.  The prince has been in attendance at many events in our city.  He even accompanied athletes to Niagara Falls for a day trip.


    The Invictus Games is an international Paralympic-style multi-sport event, in which wounded, injured or sick armed services personnel and their associated veterans take part in adaptive sports including:

    Athletics event 2017


    • Wheelchair basketball
    • Wheelchair rugby
    • Wheelchair tennis
    • Cycling
    • Golf
    • Athletics
    • Power-lifting
    • Swimming
    • Sitting volleyball
    • Indoor rowing


    These adaptive sports help athletes develop a sense of belonging; increase self-esteem; create an outlet for excess energy; improve quality of life; and foster a sense of camaraderie with other wounded service members.

    These men and women gave of themselves with pride to keep our world safe and maintain our freedoms.  The “I Am” motto of the games lends to the Canadian determination that we can achieve anything, if we put our hearts into our efforts.  Please support the Invictus Games by attending events, volunteering and spreading the word.  Shake hands with a veteran and express your gratitude for their selflessness.

    If you are a visitor to our great city, we welcome you and hope you enjoy your stay.  Be sure to dine out at any casual, family, food court or fine dining establishment.  Pressure-Kleen appreciates your contribution to the Toronto economy.

  4. Industry Networking at IKECA Conference 2017

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    Another great conference for the International Kitchen Exhaust Cleaning Association. This year the well-attended annual meeting was held in sunny Charleston, South Carolina. I always enjoy attending these IKECA events that allow me to network and learn about the latest tools.


    The conference was packed with industry related seminars from Fire departments to business matters and equipment manufacturers. I have personally been attending these meetings for over 25 years, and they have never disappointed me. The opportunity to meet and learn with other industry leading cleaning companies from across the North America, ensures our cleaning solutions are the most current.  This year we got a refresher on the ANSI/IKECA standards of Kitchen Exhaust Cleaning as well as demonstrations from exhibitors about new products.


    I personally take great pride that I have been asked to be a presenter at many of these conferences. Being the First Canadian President of the Canadian Chapter in IKECA, I never could of imagined all the rewarding benefits of giving back to our industry.  Pressure-Kleen Services Company has often been applauded by our industry peers for our innovation and highest standards.  I’m looking forward to next fall’s conference where I can expand my knowledge and share that expertise with my customers.  I believe an educated customer can make better decisions.





  5. Attention Restaurant Owners Part 2: How to Judge if Your Exhaust System is Properly Cleaned.

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    Making sure that a kitchen exhaust system is cleaned regularly is the first step to preventing an unexpected grease fire. Many restaurant owners wonder how often they should be assessing their exhaust systems. The National Fire Prevention Association (NFPA) has the following set of guidelines:



    If your exhaust system is not properly maintained, then you are exposing your business to a potential fire hazard. In fact, most kitchen grease fires spread rapidly because the flames will flare up from a kitchen appliance into a grimy, neglected exhaust system full of built-up grease.

    Invest in the safety you kitchen equipment today by scheduling regular cleaning with an IKECA Certified Professional.

    in Fire Prevention by

    Kitchen Horizontal Duct After

    Kitchen Horizontal Duct After Cleaning

  6. Spring Hiring & Training

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    The winter is nearing its end and the weather is improving.  As the snow birds migrate back to Canada, we are getting into our spring training programs.

    IKECA Logo (1)We have hired 5 full-time technicians who are successfully going through our training path towards a rewarding career. They are some of our most talented recruits yet. Many are working towards their Professional Exhaust System Technician (PECT) qualification. This qualification comes from one of the most respected organizations in our industry, the International Kitchen Exhaust Cleaning Association (IKECA). Pressure-Kleen has been a member of IKECA for over 25 years. Once our new recruits have acquired their PECT qualification the new recruits will be promoted. We are very proud of their achievements thus far.

    But their training does not stop there. Pressure-Kleen Online Workplace PKS logo PK OWLLearning (PKOWL) environment provides online training 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for all staff. Internally developed operational training courses cover topics like photo protocol, service report completion, how to conduct a site inspection and equipment maintenance. External regulated courses such as Workplace Harassment Training and WHMIS are also available.

    Our monthly round table discussions allow our technicians to raise questions and give feedback on new ideas.  These ideas will continue to propel our company into the future. We discuss safety issues, site inspections, installation of access doors, equipment maintenance and operation, and tips and tricks of the trade. For our new hires, it is extremely important information that can only be relayed from experienced field service technicians. Many of our most valued technicians have been with Pressure-Kleen Services for more than 5 years. A few have been with us over 20 years. They have seen it all and are happy to enlighten our trainees about their experiences. Oh the dirty stories they have to tell!

    We continue to look for recruits with Class G drivers license and ambition to expand our Pressure-Kleen work force.  Call today to arrange an interview!

  7. Congratulations to Bob Bryson, Retiring After 40 Years

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    Best wishes to Bob Bryson in his retirement!  Bob has worked, learned, grown, experienced and helped with shaping Pressure Kleen Services into the professional service company we are today.

    Within days of immigrating to Canada with his wife and young son, Bob Bryson was part of Pressure Kleen Services – after meeting founder Edgar Doherty in a restaurant in 1975.  In quick order, Bob was set up with a truck, wand and pressure hose in our small but established family-owned mobile wash company.  Bob did it all, from truck washing to underground garages to garbage chutes to graffiti removal to commercial kitchen exhaust systems.  Bob drove power-sweepers, cube trucks, panel vans, pick-ups, five-tons, aerial lifts, forklifts….and even the boss’s car on occasion.  He’s been up to his elbows (and further!) in garbage, dust, dirt, grease, water and paint on many, many (many) occasions.  Bob acted as a mentor for hundreds of young, up-and-comer mobile wash technicians, imparting his experience and advice in the capacity of co-worker and supervisor – and has a library of stories to go along with his experiences.  Bob is looking forward to more time with his family, namely his grandchildren who, by all ‘Poppy’ stories, are a rough-and-ready bunch bent on keeping Bob active in his retirement.   Congratulations on your retirement, Bob!  Thanks for everything, we miss you already.

  8. How to Stop Grease Buildup And Prevent Restaurant Kitchen Fires

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    Deep Fryer Fire

    Most restaurants generate this. Most Restaurant Manager and kitchen staff hate this. Most kitchen fires start because of too much of this. What is it?

    Grease! Grease! And Grease!

    So how do restaurants deal with the grease buildup?

    Every year there are thousands of restaurant fires across North America and maybe even tens of thousands, but most don’t get reported because the restaurant put the fire out themselves and kept on working. Tragically, restaurant kitchen fires have cost lives. A building can always be replaced, but not a life.

    Kitchen Fire

    With over 50 years cleaning experience we have been in thousands of kitchens. The cleanest kitchens ensure they have a daily, weekly and monthly cleaning program in place. An example of this may be


    • Degrease and hand clean all cooking surfaces including the back splash walls, trays and floor under the equipment.
    • Clean the hood filters over the grill and woks.
    • Clean the floor around the cooking equipment


    • Remove stop tops and burners, soak and clean
    • Remove all remaining filters and clean
    • Clean floors using heavy duty degreaser


    • Perform a visual inspection of all high traffic flow areas in the kitchen to ensure the daily and weekly cleaning program is being maintained. Adjust cleaning program as needed.

    We suggest you call Pressure-Kleen Services to have your kitchen hood and exhaust system inspected by professionals to ensure you are keeping the system clean.

    Submitted by Bill Doherty, President

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