How to Stop Grease Buildup And Prevent Restaurant Kitchen Fires

Deep Fryer Fire

Most restaurants generate this. Most Restaurant Manager and kitchen staff hate this. Most kitchen fires start because of too much of this. What is it?

Grease! Grease! And Grease!

So how do restaurants deal with the grease buildup?

Every year there are thousands of restaurant fires across North America and maybe even tens of thousands, but most don’t get reported because the restaurant put the fire out themselves and kept on working. Tragically, restaurant kitchen fires have cost lives. A building can always be replaced, but not a life.

Kitchen Fire

With over 50 years cleaning experience we have been in thousands of kitchens. The cleanest kitchens ensure they have a daily, weekly and monthly cleaning program in place. An example of this may be


  • Degrease and hand clean all cooking surfaces including the back splash walls, trays and floor under the equipment.
  • Clean the hood filters over the grill and woks.
  • Clean the floor around the cooking equipment


  • Remove stop tops and burners, soak and clean
  • Remove all remaining filters and clean
  • Clean floors using heavy duty degreaser


  • Perform a visual inspection of all high traffic flow areas in the kitchen to ensure the daily and weekly cleaning program is being maintained. Adjust cleaning program as needed.

We suggest you call Pressure-Kleen Services to have your kitchen hood and exhaust system inspected by professionals to ensure you are keeping the system clean.

Submitted by Bill Doherty, President

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