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  1. Deep Fried Fiascos

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    Why we do what we do…

    Smoke billows from Jollibee in Vaughan Thursday, Aug. 4. (@theonlyrouben/Twitter)

    Smoke billows from Promenade Mall on Thursday, Aug. 4. (@theonlyrouben/Twitter)

    Several news agencies reported the August 4th 2022 rooftop fire at Promenade Mall located at Bathurst and Centre Streets in Vaughan Ontario.  The 2-alarm fire was reported around 10:30 am and shoppers were evacuated by police as the fire crews bravely fought the flames.  The mall was reopened a few hours later.  Vaughan Fire Platoon Chief, Brian Culp, told CityNews that the fire started in the kitchen of Jollibee Restaurant. Jollibee is a Filipino chain restaurant best known for its fried chicken.

    The Saskatoon Fire Department temporarily closed a Red Lobster restaurant after a deep fryer fire.  On Wednesday July 21, 2022 just after 6 p.m., the department received a report of a deep fryer on fire. The restaurant was evacuated.  Crews used a class K fire extinguisher designed for grease fires to extinguish the deep fryer flames. The department says it was brought under control at 6:17 p.m. and a fire investigator was dispatched to the scene shortly after. Damage is estimated at $20,000. None of the employees, occupants or firefighters were injured.  An investigation into the fire determined it started in a deep fryer vent due to a lack of cleaning the commercial cooking equipment. A fire suppression system for the equipment also did not activate to extinguish the fire.

    Fire crews cut down fire at Rudy restaurant (Courtesy: Ken Enlow)

    Toronto Fire crews investigated after a blaze broke out at a downtown restaurant on the morning of September 24, 2021.  Shortly before the lunch rush Toronto Fire was alerted about a fire at Rudy, a burger restaurant at Queen and Duncan streets. Heavy smoke could be seen billowing from the restaurant. Shortly after arriving on scene, fire crews said the main body of the blaze was knocked down. No injuries have been reported. Toronto Fire said the blaze started from the restaurant’s deep fryer. “There were employees in the restaurant and they were doing some cooking [at the time of the fire],” District Chief Brian Kelly told CP24 at the scene.

    Lives and livelihoods can be changed in an instant when grease/cooking oil combusts into fire.  Be sure your deep fryer and other cooking equipment are inspected and cleaned along with your kitchen exhaust systems in accordance with NFPA 96.  Call us for more information on the inspection frequency and cleaning requirements for your method and frequency of cooking.  Keep your staff and customers safe with regular maintenance by our professionally certified kitchen exhaust cleaning technicians.
  2. 60 Years of Commercial Pressure Washing Services

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    Would you quit your job and start a new business in an industry that had little credibility and a lot of uncertainty? Edgar and Noreen Doherty did just that 60 years ago. Their vision was to build a business that they could be proud of.  With 6 kids at home, all under the age of 10, Edgar decided to take a chance and start a mobile truck washing business. After equipping the family station wagon with a portable pressure washer the business started. Today Pressure Kleen is recognized as the leader in the commercial pressure washing industry.  It has achieved recognition as an industry leader for its innovative cleaning processes and award winning environmental commitment.

    All six kids participated in the business with the youngest children, Bill and Chuck, eventually taking over the business.  They worked hard to make Pressure-Kleen Services the best mobile pressure washing company in the Greater Toronto Area. Bill became the president of the Canadian division of International Kitchen Exhaust Cleaning Association.  He enjoys sharing his knowledge by speaking at events for building engineers, fire inspectors (AHJ) and the insurance industry. He holds multiple certifications in the industry through IKECA including Certified Exhaust System Inspector (CESI) and Certified Exhaust Cleaning Specialist (CECS). 


    The specialization of commercial kitchen exhaust system cleaning has taken the company beyond its Ontario provincial borders and across Canada.  It services restaurants and hospitals, retirement homes and schools, sports arenas and cafeterias.  The business also expanded into other commercial cleaning offerings.  These include high-rise garbage disposal systems, underground sweeping and power washing, industrial building cleaning and more. Just like their parents, Bill and Chuck believe the best way to build the most reputable brand is by hiring the best people. Many of our current employees have over 15 years industry experience and a few have over 25 years. Edgar’s vision of a successful business has been fulfilled.  


    We are proud of what Pressure-Kleen Services has accomplished over the past 60 years and we still value customer satisfaction.  Thank you to all our loyal customers who have allowed us to show them why we are # 1.  We will be around for another 60 years to keep the dream alive. 

  3. The Painful Pandemic


    The Painful Pandemic

    Covid-19 has really disrupted our lives.  Lives of loved ones lost, social distancing measures and lockdowns have impacted nearly every family. Travel restrictions, cancelled events (think weddings, festivals and concerts) and business closures have left us with nothing to do. The impact on mental health has been immeasurable.

    Many businesses have permanently closed, others barely surviving. Essential services that keep us healthy, fed, and transporting people and goods throughout the country, have been putting in countless overtime hours while exposing themselves to a silent killer in our midst.  Pressure-Kleen had to reduce their service offerings when the hospitality industry was forced to shut their doors. Though we were able to hang on through diversified offerings and government assistance, our hearts go out to those entrepreneurs who could not afford to hang on.  Their life’s dream gone.

    A Hi-rise Thank-you!

    We would like to thank those in hi-rise residential property management for keeping us in business with garbage system disposal cleaning.  The office turned work-from-home workers and others in isolation have contributed to a great increase in residential garbage over the past year-and-a-half.  Our essential services keep garbage chutes and bins from building up with grime. The common area garbage room will smell better cleaned with our deodorizing degreasers while keeping away bacteria and scavengers like rats and roaches. A detailed cleaning of trap doors will maintain the hinges longer allowing them to open smoothly.

    Could the underground parking structure use a little TLC?  Are the lines getting hard to see after a winter of dirt and salt?  Are the walls showing carbon buildup from car exhaust?  Let Pressure-Kleen power wash that dirt away and reveal brighter garage floors and walls.  With nearly 60 years in business, we have the experience to remove most oil stains, salt residue and carbon buildup.  Request a quote today.

    Return to Normal – The Post Pandemic Rush

    As the lockdowns lift and we move into stage 3 of reopening we will see hospitality businesses begin to welcome customers back inside their establishments.  We can help you get up and running again with a kitchen exhaust cleaning that meets the NFPA96 requirements.  Insurance companies and fire inspectors require proof of an annual inspection and regular cleaning as required.  No one wants a fire after being shut down for more than a year.  Let us provide a quote for a maintenance program to keep you in compliance.  We can also clean your appliances, walls, and start you on a hood filter exchange program.  We expect a rush of restaurants to book their services over the next few months.  Call today and we can book your cleaning too.



  4. Professional Exhaust Cleaning

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    Website Inquiries

    We are happy that we have had such great response to our blogs on becoming professional exhaust cleaners.  Companies and individuals across Canada looking to become professional exhaust cleaners have reached out.  This is terrific!  Our goal is to raise the level of expectation for our restaurant customers.  From fly-by-night janitors doing a cursory clean or an experienced company providing a thorough bare-metal clean of the complete exhaust system, you choose. I want our chefs, restaurant owners and customers to be able to sleep at night.  The job we do is a very important one that protects restaurants from grease fires. Grease fires are preventable when good practices are followed. These practices include proper procedures of kitchen staff and adherence to the NFPA 96 code for kitchen exhaust inspections and cleaning.

    Many of the inquiries we have received are existing cleaning companies looking to become registered members with IKECA. Others are looking to transition from residential exterior cleaning to commercial cleaning. There are also individuals from looking for training opportunities to become Professional Exhaust Cleaning Technicians and Professional Exhaust Cleaning Inspectors.

    Kitchen Exhaust Cleaning Training 

    Unfortunately, there is no structured class to attend, no college or university program. To get qualified for the specialization of cleaning kitchen exhaust systems.  The training for kitchen exhaust systems is on-the-job training with a member organization of IKECA. Once you have obtained the kitchen exhaust cleaning skills and knowledge of NFPA-96 fire code you will be competent enough to write the Professional Exhaust Cleaning Technician (PECT) exam. Pressure-Kleen technicians do not attempt this exam until they have had a minimum of 6 months on-the-job training and have experienced different exhaust system environments. There is a lot to learn and a lot of responsibility involved in reporting correctly.  Deficiencies in the system such as welding leaks in duct work should be reported.  Missing globes and guards in the hood and broken hood filters need to be replaced. Ensure hinges & chains for the rooftop fan allow it to be lifted easily and without damage. Protecting the roof from grease saturation is important as well and requires a professional eye to recommend the right product for the job.

    As the restaurant industry expands, insurance companies demand the adherence to the National Fire Prevention Act (NFPA-96). Our responsibility is to save lives and assets by preventing grease fires from starting. If you are looking to attain the designation of Professional Kitchen Exhaust Cleaner (PECT) or join as a member organization, contact our friends at International Kitchen Exhaust Cleaners Association at If you are looking to have your commercial kitchen exhaust system cleaned, call the most experienced company in the Greater Toronto Area, Pressure-Kleen Services Company Inc.  Call for a quote today at 416-235-1626 (Toronto).

  5. Cleaning Commercial Kitchen Hood Systems During Covid-19 Pandemic

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    The government plans to resume activities in the coming weeks. Be sure you are ready to get back to business by ensuring your kitchen exhaust system is NFPA 96 compliant before you do.  We anticipate strong demand from our customers and invite you to GET PRIORITY SCHEDULING NOW and beat the rush.  The inspection of the kitchen exhaust system is mandatory on an annual basis according to the NFPA 96 standard, make sure your certification is up to date when you resume regular activities. Our teams are currently available to do the work day or night, according to your needs.

    Rest assured that all necessary measures are taken to ensure the safety of our employees and our loyal customers:

    • No technician presenting symptoms of COVID-19 comes to our customers or our offices.

    • Technicians have undergone internal training and practice good hygiene and social distancing measures.

    • Technicians are provided with recommended Personal Protective Equipment to ensure safety.

    • Technicians have limited interaction with customers and others to comply with social distancing.

    Pressure-Kleen Services has been designated as an essential services company during the COVID-19 pandemic period and we are still open for business.

    Contact us by email at or request a quote

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  6. IKECA Technical Seminar 2018

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    As part of our professional development, our certified exhaust cleaning specialists attended IKECA’s 2018 Fall Technical Seminar and Expo.  It took place October 2nd through 5th in Indianapolis, Indiana. This is the place to be if you want to gain valuable knowledge of industry changes, share business best practices and learn about new and innovative products.  We encourage anyone in the industry to attend at least one IKECA event annually.

    There were some great speakers at this year’s technical seminar who shared their experiences with fire suppression systems, kitchen exhaust system inspections, and equipment troubleshooting.  Other presenters covered NFPA 96 and ANSI code updates, WSIB and accident prevention.  It’s always interesting to take part in these sessions and learn how others companies overcome the same challenges that we face here in Toronto.  The fall protection demo reminded us of the importance we must all take when working at heights to service kitchen exhaust system fans and duct work.

    Products being promoted in the main expo hall included hood filters, grease containment systems, access doors, WOW cleaners and polishes, and other accessories.  These are some of the products that Pressure-Kleen offers to its Canadian customers to maintain their kitchen exhaust systems.  There was also some innovative pressure washing equipment that will bring cutting edge advancements to our industry.  We are always looking for safer, more effective methods of removing grease from kitchen exhaust systems.

    Attendees were invited to “A Night at the Museum” at the Koorsen Fire Museum.   A bus took them to the site where reception celebrating those who serve in the life safety and fire protection industry. It was enjoyable sharing fellowship and refreshments while looking back at the history of the fire protection industry.

    Courtesy of IKECA


    Although our attendees enjoyed this event, we look equally forward to IKECA’s 30th anniversary celebration in Las Vegas next April.

  7. Superhero Career Opportunity

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    Do you have what it takes to become a grease and grime fighting superhero?  Are you interested in a superhero opportunity with a company that has been around for more than 55 years?  We are hiring and training for pressure-wash technicians to go out and battle the grease and grime of the GTA.

    Our HR representatives went to a job fair sponsored by the City of Toronto in hopes of finding some candidates for a superhero career in grease and grime fighting.  The Etobicoke Community Job Fair was held on March 29, 2018 at the Istar Banquet Hall located at 235 Dixon Rd, Unit 11-13.  Mayor John Tory was in attendance trying to encourage local businesses to hire youth between the ages of 18 and 29.  Our efforts weren’t all that successful.

    Job Fair

    With the unemployment levels the lowest in 30 years, it’s hard to find honest, dependable people to work nights.  Their schedule needs to be flexible to provide the least disruption to the customers’ operations.  The pool of superhero candidates grows even smaller when they need to drive our fleet vehicles.  Our fleet insurance requires that drivers be over 25 years old with an Ontario G2 driver license.

    We do have some nice employee benefits such as:

    • a quarterly performance bonus
    • health benefits
    • personal protective equipment
    • uniform allowances
    • paid breaks
    • professional development
    • overtime potential
    • free car wash
    • private locker

    Wages are reviewed on a regular basis and advancement opportunities come quick for those who learn the technical aspects of the job.


    The culture at Pressure-Kleen Services is informal.  We are an ethnically diversified group of people that get along well.  Having been grease fighting superheros their entire lives, the owners are very hands-on with the operations. They meet with employees regularly and know everyone by name.  Employees are valued for their constructive input and enthusiasm to satisfy the customers’ needs.


    What’s stopping you from becoming our next superhero?  Apply at

  8. Invictus Games in Toronto

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    We are so proud to own and operate our business in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. During our 55 years, we have seen Toronto grow into a vibrant, first class international city.  Beaches, parks, amazing entertainment venues, tourist attractions, renowned universities and hospitals, great shopping and some of the best restaurants in the world; we have it all.  We are blessed with a very diverse population that practices inclusion of all peoples regardless of culture, religion, life choices or capabilities.  We are so fortunate to live in such a beautiful part of the world.

    This week, we are also proud that the Invictus Games are being held in the Toronto.  The Invictus Games, being held between Sept 23rd and 30th, were started three years ago, by Prince Harry of Wales.  The prince has been in attendance at many events in our city.  He even accompanied athletes to Niagara Falls for a day trip.


    The Invictus Games is an international Paralympic-style multi-sport event, in which wounded, injured or sick armed services personnel and their associated veterans take part in adaptive sports including:

    Athletics event 2017


    • Wheelchair basketball
    • Wheelchair rugby
    • Wheelchair tennis
    • Cycling
    • Golf
    • Athletics
    • Power-lifting
    • Swimming
    • Sitting volleyball
    • Indoor rowing


    These adaptive sports help athletes develop a sense of belonging; increase self-esteem; create an outlet for excess energy; improve quality of life; and foster a sense of camaraderie with other wounded service members.

    These men and women gave of themselves with pride to keep our world safe and maintain our freedoms.  The “I Am” motto of the games lends to the Canadian determination that we can achieve anything, if we put our hearts into our efforts.  Please support the Invictus Games by attending events, volunteering and spreading the word.  Shake hands with a veteran and express your gratitude for their selflessness.

    If you are a visitor to our great city, we welcome you and hope you enjoy your stay.  Be sure to dine out at any casual, family, food court or fine dining establishment.  Pressure-Kleen appreciates your contribution to the Toronto economy.

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