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We are happy that we have had such great response to our blogs on becoming professional exhaust cleaners.  Companies and individuals across Canada looking to become professional exhaust cleaners have reached out.  This is terrific!  Our goal is to raise the level of expectation for our restaurant customers.  From fly-by-night janitors doing a cursory clean or an experienced company providing a thorough bare-metal clean of the complete exhaust system, you choose. I want our chefs, restaurant owners and customers to be able to sleep at night.  The job we do is a very important one that protects restaurants from grease fires. Grease fires are preventable when good practices are followed. These practices include proper procedures of kitchen staff and adherence to the NFPA 96 code for kitchen exhaust inspections and cleaning.

Many of the inquiries we have received are existing cleaning companies looking to become registered members with IKECA. Others are looking to transition from residential exterior cleaning to commercial cleaning. There are also individuals from looking for training opportunities to become Professional Exhaust Cleaning Technicians and Professional Exhaust Cleaning Inspectors.

Kitchen Exhaust Cleaning Training 

Unfortunately, there is no structured class to attend, no college or university program. To get qualified for the specialization of cleaning kitchen exhaust systems.  The training for kitchen exhaust systems is on-the-job training with a member organization of IKECA. Once you have obtained the kitchen exhaust cleaning skills and knowledge of NFPA-96 fire code you will be competent enough to write the Professional Exhaust Cleaning Technician (PECT) exam. Pressure-Kleen technicians do not attempt this exam until they have had a minimum of 6 months on-the-job training and have experienced different exhaust system environments. There is a lot to learn and a lot of responsibility involved in reporting correctly.  Deficiencies in the system such as welding leaks in duct work should be reported.  Missing globes and guards in the hood and broken hood filters need to be replaced. Ensure hinges & chains for the rooftop fan allow it to be lifted easily and without damage. Protecting the roof from grease saturation is important as well and requires a professional eye to recommend the right product for the job.

As the restaurant industry expands, insurance companies demand the adherence to the National Fire Prevention Act (NFPA-96). Our responsibility is to save lives and assets by preventing grease fires from starting. If you are looking to attain the designation of Professional Kitchen Exhaust Cleaner (PECT) or join as a member organization, contact our friends at International Kitchen Exhaust Cleaners Association at If you are looking to have your commercial kitchen exhaust system cleaned, call the most experienced company in the Greater Toronto Area, Pressure-Kleen Services Company Inc.  Call for a quote today at 416-235-1626 (Toronto).

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